I fell out of love with my blog ages ago, predominantly due to feeling like it no longer represented who I was as a person, and it generally wasn't something I had an interest in any longer. Sure, I enjoy writing product reviews and so on, but that doesn't reflect my day-to-day living, my struggles, or my triumphs. I've always wanted this space to be more of an online journal, something that will tell me, and others, something about my life, should anyone wish to look back on my old posts, or keep up to date with new ones. Therefore, after a lot of careful consideration I dissolved my old blog and account, and created a new one that I hope will better reflect who I am, and that will stand the test of time. If you're an old follower, I'm hoping the transition goes smoothly, and you're still fully linked in to all of my social media and bloglovin', etc. If you're new, or if there do appear to be teething problems, all of my links can be found in the sidebar. 

My blogging may not be regular, but I'm hoping my passion for it comes back now that I've made some adjustments. If you've decided to come along for the ride, stay in touch. The best part of the blogging community isn't who reads your posts, it's who takes the time to say hello and interact. Here's to the next chapter!

All my love,
Em x

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