The Most Stressful Months Of My Life (To Date)


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I'm fairly certain that every time I decide to get back in to my blog, life throws a spanner in the works and it doesn't work out quite as well as I'd hoped. Most of this is caused by my ongoing on-off love life drama, which I won't bore you with, however, since early January career stress has been the main reason that I've had no time to dedicate to blogging. But that's finally all changed! For now...

After some seriously gruelling months, where I experienced just about every emotion possible, and my stress levels reached a peak I didn't even know existed, I amazingly got the news I'd been hoping for - I've been accepted for a place on a doctoral course. Ten years of study and work experience geared me up to put in a solid application, and four months of revising everything I've ever learnt (both academically and in the 'real world') allowed me to interview well enough to be given the chance to train for a career I wondered if I'd ever get.

I don't want to give too many details away here, for privacy reasons, but I am over the moon to finally be stress for (for a few months at least), and to be embarking on the next chapter in my life. I honestly can't put in to words just how much this means to me.

So, hopefully now I can get back in to blogging as I actually have free time in the evenings! Is there anything in particular you'd like to see here, or that you enjoy reading? This blog is mostly for me, but I also want it to be a space that other people enjoy coming to, too.

All my love,

Em x

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